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FAQ-0016 Why is my aircraft flying up and down?

This behavior can be due to different issues:

  • Please check if the pitot tube is not blocked (This process is also available in the Maintenance guide):

1.   Remove the pitot tube, hold the housing and firmly pull the tube straight out of the housing.

2. Make sure the tube is not damaged or bent.

3. Blow into the tube to make sure nothing is blocking it.

CAUTION – Only blow into the pitot tube after you have removed it from the eBox. Do not blow
into the pitot tube when it is connected to the eBox because this will damage the barometric sensors.

4. To insert the pitot tube, hold the housing and gently push the pitot tube straight into the housing until
it reaches the end of the housing.

  • Check if the elevons are well trimed:

Check the elevon trim. To do this, you must run the flight checklist in the Aerial Imaging software and
perform the Check elevon trim step of the checklist with the new servos.

Note – If required, use the Torx T6 screwdriver to adjust the elevons. The outboard elevon should be
leveled with the inboard elevon (less than 1 mm of offset).

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