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FAQ-0018 Why is the orange LED on the gBox not blinking?

Understanding the gBox:

The orange LED indicate if the high precision GNSS receiver can lock onto more than 4 satellites. If the orange LED is off, It can mean that the connection between the gBox and the antenna inside of the right wing is not working or the current environment is not cleared enough.

Please check the connection between the antenna and the gBox and make sure the testing area is at least one hundreds meters away from trees and buildings. If the orange LED is still off after the connection check, please try to put the gBox inside of another wing. (This will help determine whether the antenna inside of the wing is damaged, please contact the support team via the portal)

1 Aircraft body                        7 GPS antenna
2 Leading edge                       8 Download cable connector
3 Payload bay (see below)     9 Elevon servo
4 eBox                                     
10 GNSS antenna
5 Mode button                        11 Inboard elevon
6 Pitot tube                             12 Outboard elevon

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