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FAQ-0023 Why do I have "No GNSS hardware detected" error message on my tablet

When installing Aerial Imaging 2.2.11 field version on a new device, or upgrading from an earlier version, you will need to verify the correct COM port and baud rate has been. Changing this value will require a necessary restart of the application. The full procedure is described hereafter.

If you do not have GNSS positioning, and error message "No GNSS hardware detected" at the bottom left of your screen, then the COM port has to be configured manually.  

1     To identify the available COM port and baud rate, launch the Device Manager in Windows.  

                • In the displayed list, look for “Ports (COM & LPT)” and click on it to unfold the list.  

                • Identify the COM ports susceptible to be used as GNSS receiver.


                Yuma tablets are usually equipped with a u-blox GNSS receiver. The U-Center software can then be used to identify a working COM port.

2     Click on COM ports to open related properties and check the default baud rate in tab “Port Settings”.

3     Launch Aerial Imaging 2.2.11 and click on “Settings” from the main menu.


= Click here

4     Click on “External GNSS”.

5     Select the “Port” and “Baud rate” you have identified in step 3 and restart the application.

6 If GNSS positioning is still not available and error message No GNSS hardware detected is displayed, then select another COM port and baud rate.

When testing the GNSS signal, please make sure you are located outside, in a large open area.  

If you have any doubt or question, please contact your distributor for further support on GNSS port COM selection.

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