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What is ? is the leading Visual Intelligence Platform for physical asset modelling and management, addressing the business requirements notably found in Infrastructure & Utilities, Mines & Aggregates, Agriculture & Forestry. harnesses the computing power of the cloud to turn your aerial & ground visual data into key actionable insights for operational & corporate asset management. 

As the most advanced reality modeling platform on the market, offers an Applicative Layer (SaaS) delivering a full range of :

  • Verticalized End-to-End Solutions plus General Purpose Analytics
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Business Intelligence Insights

Supported by a Platform Layer (PaaS) packed with :

  • A Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Data Sourcing Capacity (Drones, Airborne LiDAR or Ground Laser Scanners, Satellites, IoT & IIoT)
  • Connectivity to other IT Ecosystems & Platforms

Visual Intelligence as a Service

A full range of Analytics for Industry.

Platform Overview

Aggregate, manage your data and collaborate in a single platform that is portable to your choice of IT infrastructure (cloud or on-prem).

Built-in Photogrammetry Engines

Best photogrammetry tools fully integrated : Pix4D, Agisoft Metashape, Bentley ContextCapture.

Strong Security

Read here about security features of platform.

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