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Supported Drones & Devices

1. Drones & Airborne Sensors

1.1 Multispectral Sensors currently supports the following Multispectral Sensors, for Agriculture use cases:

  • Micasense Rededge-MX
  • Micasense Rededge-Mini
  • Micasense Rededge 3
  • Airinov multiSPEC 4C
  • Airinov PRI
  • Parrot Sequoia
  • Parrot Sequoia+

1.2 Thermal Sensors currently supports the following Long-Wave Infra Red (LWIR) Thermal Sensors series*: 

  • FLIR Tau 2
  • FLIR Vue Pro
  • FLIR Vue Pro R

*Fully integrated

1.3 LiDAR & Laser Scanners supports .las format 1.2 version Point Clouds that were obtained from an airborne LiDAR or ground-based Laser Scanners raw dataset.

The .las 1.4 version will be supported soon.

2. Handheld & Ground Sensors

2.1 RGB Datasets obtained from ground devices

Although primarily designed to manage data obtained from airborne sensors such as ones carried by drones, the platform also supports RGB georeferenced datasets obtained from land based, handheld devices such as DSLR cameras or smartphone pictures.

A project can be created and these pictures uploaded notably for the purpose of using the built-in Pix4D photogrammetry engine in 3D Reconstruction processing.

Other cases include the addition of a single to several pictures to an existing project during field inspections, field operations, for reporting purpose, as a part of the asset management

3. Want to integrate your sensor in ?

  • If you are not already a user, please contact us here.
  • If you already use, please contact your Sales Representative at Delair.

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