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Python SDK & API is offered with a Python Software Development Kit (SDK) with APIs. It is an additional set of software standardized tools that allows to develop data exchange and processing with It can be used to : 

  • Quickly create, test, and develop specific applications on top of current platform and then industrialize them
  • Seamlessly integrate with other applications  

It allows to enrich with advanced functionalities, industry-specific or customer-specific analytics, push notifications/data, and more.

It includes everything users need to create their own modules/analytics, such as a code library, examples, documentation and the methodology necessary to perform specific functions.

The SDK allows remote connections to the platform in order to exchange and manage data input and output. This SDK offers to users a high level of interface to API. Its features notably include:

  • Fetch a project, browse it's missions
  • List deliverables, download files
  • Annotate a project
  • Search for annotations associated to a project
  • Update & delete annotations (update geometry, properties, other attributes)
  • Annotate an image
  • Process a raster and deliver output
  • Fetch a process area from an annotation
  • Run a custom algorithm as a subprocess
  • Uploading and delivering the algorithm output

1. SDK Documentation

The SDK is supported by a documentation with latest version maintained here.

2. Code Examples

Link to Code Examples.

3. SDK Installation - Pypi Repository

Link to ease SDK Installation.

4. SDK on Github

Link to python-delairstack SDK on Github.

5. Getting Started - Jupyter Notebook

A SDK tutorial here.

6. SDK Use Case Examples

Read examples of custom analytics realizations with SDK here.

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