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Creating a New Mines & Aggregates Project


1. Login to

Once you have accepted the invitation to create your user account, you can login by navigating to

Press Login at the top of the screen, and then log into your account on the next page.

Once logged in, the next step is to create your first project/location

2. Create a New Project

What do I need to create a new project? 

For Agriculture & Forestry projects please refer to the corresponding article.

Project creation requires manager and user level permissions for the desired account.

In order to create the project, you will need:

1. Vector file (.KML, .geojson, .topojson, .json, .zip shapefile) of the Project Site/Location boundary

a.The boundary of the Vector file will determine the clipping of the final data products, so a bit too large is better than too small.

b.For more info see: How to create a KML using Google Earth PRO

2. Coordinate Reference System for the Project (EPSG/ESRI)

New Upload

Click on button on the top left side of the home screen.

Note: A project is created one time, and not for every survey/flight

Once the New upload screen opens, Drag and drop your KML file. You can also click on browse files.

Once the file is selected, press Open.

Note: The formats for Vector file are kml,  geojson, topojson, json or zip shapefile.

3. Project options

Once the vector file selected and loaded, the Project Options window appear.

Fill in the project name.

Note: If the Project (site) already exists on  or if you are an Airware/Redbird legacy customer, the new project must be linked to the legacy site by selecting it from the dropdown menu. If the site is new, keep the field blank, a twin project will be created on

Fill in the Mailing address of the site. If there is not one available, please use the closest address.

Latitude and Longitude are used to display the pictogram over the site when it is created, this can be extracted from Google Earth or Maps, by dropping a pin on the KML of the site and copying the latitude and longitude in decimals and degrees format.

Coordinate Reference System

If your company is linked to, the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) cannot be changed after the project is created, so it is very important to be sure it is correct before proceeding.

Click Edit CRS and locate the EPSG/ESRI code for the desired horizontal Coordinate Projection Reference System of the project (Refer to your land surveyor/topographer to provide you with that information) 

If you do not know the vertical CRS, please keep it blank. Once the CRS is located, press Select, and then press OK.

If you are unable to find the desired CRS listed, please reach out to for potential integration.

Press “create” then “Finish”. Your project will appear after few seconds on the map and will be listed in the projects list.

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