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Coordinate Reference Systems

1. What is a Coordinate Reference System ?

In the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) will indicate what reference is to be used for the horizontal and altitude/height information recorded in the images metadata.

Using the coordinates, a CRS establishes the relationship between the 2D information and the actual physical world location.

2. Setting appropriate Coordinate Reference Systems

When you proceed with uploading a new survey, after dropping the pictures the Upload Options window will display two sections about CRS that you can choose to hide or view :

  • Site CRS - It is displayed if the site already exists
  • Images CRS

If you select to add the pictures to a new site, then only Images CRS section will be visible at this step :

2.1. Images Vertical CRS at Upload

CRS is broken down in Horizontal and Vertical components.  The user is prompted to select the Vertical CRS (z) :

Select from the drop-down menu the appropriate geoid or ellipsoid model acting as reference for the altitude/height information contained in the images dataset and function of the type of drone used :

2.2. Site CRS Edition

After having selected the images and proceeding to next step, the Site CRS in Horizontal (x,y) and Vertical (z) options will be displayed. From this step it is possible to edit CRS for (x,y) and z options :

(Note: this option is available if your company is not linked to, and if you did not perform previous processing on this site)

Select Edit CRS :

Horizontal CRS may need to be changed to select the appropriate EPSG zone. Press Edit then enter the EPSG zone or select the appropriate one from the drop-down list (Use the Select button to attach this zone).

Once these CRS selections are made, images can now be uploaded in the new survey (press Launch upload).

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