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Displaying & Hiding Layers

2D Layers

In the different 2D processing output such as : generated Orthomaps, DSM, object detection, indices,  but also project input such as the GCP when available, are layers that can be displayed or hidden in the main window within an existing project.

From the Layers left side panel, enable or disable any layer by clicking on the eye icon:

3D Layers

3D Layers in encompass Point Clouds resulting from LiDAR datasets and 3D Reconstruction Models.

Once 3D View has been selected in the main window , disabling or enabling 3D layers visualisation is possible from the left side bar:


Any annotation, whatever it results from an user-created annotation, is considered as a layer, and can therefore be displayed or hidden as with any 2D layer.

2D and 3D environment are autonomous.

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