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Gallery View

Uploaded pictures (RGB, multispectral, thermal) can be browsed in the gallery view and benefit from annotations, filtering, and downloading features.

To access the gallery, after having selected an existing project, select Images from the left panel:

1. Filtering for images containing Annotations

Use filter to keep Annotated Images only

2. Viewing a single image

Select Open In Image Viewer to view entire image in a single window:

3. Exporting an image

Single pictures can be exported. Hover over the picture thumbnail in the Gallery and select the download icon:

4. Multispectral and Thermal Images

Single image download is also enabled for these categories.

5. Uncomplete or Failed Uploads

If an upload is not complete or has failed, you may encounter the message below in the Gallery thumbnails. Check the upload status in such case.

Note: Image conversion process issue can also lead to such situation.

6. Unsupported Sensors

On some occasions, thumbnails may appear black, depending on the support level for the sensor. This is for example what would happen if an unsupported thermal sensor dataset is uploaded.

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