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Point Clouds & 3D Views

1. Supported Point Cloud Formats

.las format is currently supported, in standards 1.2 & 1.4

2. 2D to 3D view

Switching between 2D layers and 3D views is achieved from the View button from right panel in an open project :

It is possible to use the Gallery mode in order to make the relationship between the original 2D images and the Point Cloud. Image positions are displayed with the yellow ball markers in the 3D view :

2. Enabling & Disabling the 3D layers

Select the layers to be displayed form the left panel :

3. Displaying & Viewing Object Classes

Classes will appear within a classified point cloud in the right panel, after pushing Classes button under the Material section :

A color chart enables identification of objects :

4. Exporting Point Clouds

From the Download section, .las files can be selected and exported for further use with third-party software.

Please note that point clouds generated from a process conducted in (e.g. a point cloud from a photogrammetry process) are in standard Las 1.2.

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