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Collaborative Work using Annotations

1. Commenting on Annotations & Notifying Team Members

From any annotation properties panel, it is possible to notify a member in the organisation with a comment. From the Comments section, type in order to display a drop-down list of the members within the company:

This action will result in a notification that is pushed in the notification section for the user. The notification includes the link.

This feature can be used for a variety of occasions as a part of the field operations in asset management, for example:

  • Draw the attention to an area of interest in a processed dataset, in a map...
  • Inform about a suspect condition detected in a maps examination
  • Request a team member to provide a field inspection for a potentially abnormal condition
  • Notify that a planned field operation is complete, and assessed from the data collected and processed in

2. Reviewing Comments I made

It is possible to review existing comments (and return to their location in annotations, maps... from the left panel in project main view:

3. Notifications received from other users

The user can browse for new or previous  (mark as read) notifications from the left side panel in the main view.

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