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Processing Monitoring

1. Cumulative jobs processed with the photogrammetry engines and analytics 

It is possible to browse for the total amount of processed data with the photogrammetry engines from the Administration section.

From the main (projects) window, First select Account from left panel then Administration :

Then Select Monitoring from the left panel :

Then browse for the amount of processed photogrammetry.

Agri refers to the amount of photogrammetric works processed from multispectral sensors for Agriculture. Any other geospatial - RGB - photogrammetry products are recorded under Other category.

2. Monitoring a job in progress

The status of photogrammetry process  is indicated on the project label, while completed jobs (two notifications, one for the end of upload phase, one after photogrammetry completion) are also visible from the notifications panel.

Analytics monitoring, is available on each project by using the project filter

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