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Photogrammetry Options platform integrates two industry-leading Photogrammetry Processing Engines:

  • Pix4D
  • Agisoft Metashape : Release on 8th July 2019

These are built-in the processing workflow after datasets upload, and leverage the cloud computing capacity enabled through platform.

1. Setting the preferred Photogrammetry Engine

According to your business, recurring data category, you may need to use only one of the engines. 

It is possible to set the preferred Photogrammety Engine : Release on 8th July 2019

2. What kind of dataset can I process with each of these engines ?

  • Pix4D can be used for:  RGB, Multispectal, and Thermal Datasets
  • Agisoft Metashape can be used for RGB datasets only

You can browse the supported sensors here.

3. What happens if I upload a dataset that is not compatible ?

You may need to use other categories of datasets than your usual ones depending on your business. The category of data is detected during the upload process. In case that you upload a data not compatible with you default photogrammetry engine, the user interface will prompt you for overriding this default setting to the appropriate alternatives.

4. Available Options with Pix4D

4.1. Automated or with assistance from production

  • Self-service option serves to get automated results from the engine without the service of a Delair production member.
  • Advanced photogrammetry will notify the production staff and photogrammetry will be performed with their assistance

4.1. Pix4D Engine Settings

Use the help icon in order to display recommendations associated to each setting :

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