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Adding more data to an existing Project

As your project starts to develop over time, adding new data is a must-have feature to keep your cloud-stored Project up to date with all your collaborators. Follow the simple steps below, and you will be able to easily update your project online anytime.

1. When entering, select a Company (if you manage several ones) from the top bar, then a Site from the left panel as in example below :

2. Then press either the UPLOAD FILES or the UPLOAD A SURVEY button from the top bar right section ; depending on wether you want add files such as layers (example a single CAD, a kml...) or an entire new survey (example : an image dataset from a new flight :

3. UPLOAD FILES will then prompt you for the option to attachfile to a new Survey, to a specific survey or to all surveys contained in the Site :

4. Browse file and then proceed if needed with Name, Category edition, CRS selection, prior to finalize upload :

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