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Adding New Data to an Existing Project

As your project starts to develop over time, adding new data is a must-have feature to keep your cloud-stored Project up to date with all your collaborators. With Delair AI, adding new data has never been easier. Follow the steps below, and you will be able to easily update your project online anytime.

Step 1

When entering, select your project (highlighted in red) as indicated by the sample screenshot below :

Step 2

Select uploads

Step 3

Click "New"on the top right, and select the type of data you wish to upload into your project : 

  • New Survey Images
  • New File

.dxf File Support

You can easily import a 2D .dxf CAD file into, as an additional file to your project, and in order to use it as a layer. Currently only the single-layer dxf file format is supported.

Within an existing project, go to Uploads section in left panel in order to import your file :

Then select New from the top section and Upload a File :

Select where to attach (existing survey or new mission) :

Modify the Vector Name if required, validate the Coordinates Reference Systems to apply, then import the file :

Uploading progress is then displayed.

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