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This log tracks all the change that are visible to the user in the interface (bug fixing, improvement on existing feature, new feature).

Release R2.1 delivered on Jun-04-2019

New Features

  • Added Slope shading visualization on DSM
  • Added combo Box selection to visualize reflectance map histogram
  • Geolocalise project created by a vector file
  • Supports DXF file import
  • Handled project creation with unknown CRS on Cardinal
  • Publish 3D model from to Cardinal
  • Added Analytics ordered follow-up
  • SDK Documentation improved with new services
  • Improved files visibility and management on Download
  • Added a custom suffix name to photogrammetry results

Fixed Issues

  • Agri Image preview (jpeg format) did not have original name
  • Tracking Analytics ordered in Analytics menu could be confusing
  • Project and Survey name were missing on deliveries notifications
  • Added possibility to zoom on project extend
  • 2D annotations appeared in 3D view
  • Latest updated projects displayed on top of results
  • Photogrammetry was available before the end of upload
  • Survey sorting by date
  • Set back possibility to download an annotation
  • Orthomosaic and DSM not appearing on the map
  • When entering in a project, during loading time, situation could be confused
  • User could not “Cancel” upload of images
  • Rasters contained artefacts at several zoom levels
  • Deleted missions were displayed on a project
  • GCP uploaded by a service operator on his task were now taken into account
  • Disabled GCP tagging for Airinov multiSPEC 4C Camera
  • GCP uploaded from photogrammetry order and tagging by a service operator were not recognized on photogrammetry process

Release R2 delivered on May-13-2019


  • Several Front-end adjustments
  • File upload follow-up and tracking
  • Upload image dataset and launch a photogrammetry
  • Publication on "Cardinal" workflow
  • Compare mode updated to support several photogrammetries on a survey
  • Visualize results on map and panel’s evolution : viewable layers
  • Download section
  • Agriculture analytics name updated to match with product list

Release R1.1 delivered on Mar-13-2019


  • For a Company linked with, in the processing options, renamed the button “Mines & Quarries” by "Standard"

Fixed Issues

  • Buttons from the map toolbar were not completely visible on small screens
  • Layers management : Left icons homepage and toogle button were not visible
  • In large projects containing many objects, all products stayed in loading status as frozen
  • Archive delivered on a "Cardinal" Company stayed in "Ready" status. Flight archive was never available for Manager & User (always in “Processing” status) but in "Ready" status for an administrator

Release R1 delivered on Feb-19-2019

  • Initial Version of

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