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How to create a LiDAR Project

This tutorial deals with how to load a point cloud resulting from a LiDAR, laser scanner, survey into a blank Site of Apart from the point cloud, you'll need a reference file (.kml as an example) to initiate such kind of project.

1. Start with Upload a Survey button in the top-right corner of main window :

2. If you manage more than one company, then select the company in which the survey will be created, and press Next button :

3. Upload a file to be used as reference for the project by a drag-and-drop or browsing a directory :

4. Fill the Site options fields :

5. In Latitude and Longitude fields you must enter the coordinates that will be used to locate the site :

6. To get coordinates values, you can open the kml file used as reference in Google Earth. Use the coordinate values that are displayed on the bottom right corner of Google Earth :

7. Define the Coordinate Reference System pressing Edit CRS. NB : it is possible to skip the Vertical CRS (z). Once finished press OK then Create and the upload will start :

8. Press Finish button. At the end of upload phase, a notification will appear in main window top bar, and the new site will be displayed on top of the list of all available sites under the company :

9. Now open your newly created Site :

10. You can press the Notifications button in top right of window to check the completion of this reference file upload process :

11. For adding now the LiDAR file (point cloud), press Upload Files from the top bar :

12. Then choose "All surveys of this site (name)" option :

13. Drag and drop your *.las point cloud file in the upload area then press Next :

14. Select the appropriate category for your asset :

15. Then select the appropriate Coordinate Reference System and press Upload. During this step Vertical CRS (z) is not mandatory :

16. Confirm upload :

17. Upload will start and the progress status will be visible pressing the upload icon from the top bar :

18. Once upload is complete, it is possible to close the browser tab if necessary. File is now being processed in background, this step prepares the 3D point cloud layer to be available and displayed. You can check that processing status is active if you go to the Download section. This step duration depends on point cloud size.

19. A notification will appear once processing is complete :

20. Go to the 3D view to browse your LiDAR survey. You have completed the creation of the project. From now, you can run a variety of analytics, for example from the Power & Utilities solutions based on LiDAR datasets.

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