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How to create your first Site and Survey

1. First Site creation

Before exploiting analytics, the platform user must create a first site and a survey. 

Site creation requires Manager  level permissions for the desired account.

Here are the basic steps to start with :

1.1. Login and company selection

Once you have accepted the invitation to create your user account, you can login by navigating to

  • Press login at the top of the screen, and then log into your account on the next page.
  • Once logged in, the first step is to check if you are under the right Company. Select another Company if needed from the top bar, left side :

1.2. Site creation

  • The next step is to create your Site by pressing Create a site button on the top bar, right side :

Note :
  • The CRS of the site can be modified by showing the Site Info Panel 
  • If the company is from a Mines & Aggregates vertical. The CRS and the site location has to be specified


2. First Survey creation

Only the User and the Manager can create a Survey. There are three main steps during the survey creation : 

  • Site
  • Images
  • Photogrammetry 

2.1. Site choice and survey name

  • Once the site has been created, the first survey can be created by clicking on the button top right :

  • Drag & Drop, browse the files or the directory to upload the dataset of the survey :

  • Link the Survey to the newly created Site. Pick a survey date and name :

2.2. Image selection

Select or deselect images to upload on the left panel. The selection area on the map can also be used  for the same purpose. 

After the image selection, you must select their CRS:

  • If the picture have metadatas, the input CRS will be filled automatically. The vertical CRS is not set automatically
  • If not, after adding the geolocation coordinates file (generally in a csv file), choose the appropriate formatting source and the File CRS

2.3. Photogrammetry settings

The  switch button "ORDER PHOTOGRAMMETRY" enables to choose whether the Uploaded data has to be processed or not.

The photogrammetry settings is filled according  the user photogrammetry preset. Those presets can be changed on clicking settings or following the explanation on the section 5. of the article  Photogrammetry Engines & Options.

The user must select the desired CRS of the output files. By default, it will be the CRS of the Site. If the Site doesn't have CRS, then the local UTM CRS where the site hase been created will be chosen.

The last point is the choice of adding or not GCP.  

Continue here for GCP.

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