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How to create a Project (general case)

Below instructions apply to a general case. For Mines & Aggregates, Agriculture & Forestry, or LiDAR projects, please refer to the corresponding articles for more specific workflow explanations.

General Workflow

The standard processing workflow is the same for GCP, RTK and PPK drone data processing. It utilizes high quality processing methods that are specific to each vertical and includes automated GCP tagging, full quality check & the option of adding advanced analytics to your survey.

While not recommended, users may also process data without control, however, as GPS is typically limited to accuracy no better than ~1-5m, producing results substantially shifted from reality which will not align with any past or future surveys.

Processing GCP, PPK or RTK data requires the following steps:

  1. Image Import
  2. Select between "Self-Service" or "Advanced" Photogrammetry
  3. Add Ground Control Points
  4. Assign Horizontal and Vertical Coordinate Reference System (CRS)
  5. Upload Images
  6. Request for Analytics (if desired)

Note: for processing without control skip step 3

What do I need to create a new Site?

Site creation requires Manager or User level permissions for the desired account.

In order to create the Site, you will need :

  1. Coordinate Reference System for the Project (EPSG/ESRI)

  2. A Vector file (.kml, .geojson, .topojson, .json, .zip shapefile) of the Site/Location boundary or dataset of images (geotagged) ;  jpeg and tiff are currently supported formats. dlc is supported and may be directly used by Delair UX11 users to avoid post-processing phase.

    1. The boundary of the Vector file will determine the clipping of the final data products, so a bit too large is better than to small

    2. For more info see: How to create a KML using Google Earth PR

Login to

Once you have accepted the invitation to create your user account, you can login by navigating to

  • Press login at the top of the screen, and then log into your account on the next page.
  • Once logged in, the first step is to check you are under the right Company. Select another Company if needed from the top bar, left side :

The next step is to create your Site by pressing Upload a Survey button from top bar, right side :

Then several options are offered depending on which kind of data you have to initiate the Site :

Site Creation Options

1. Creation from an Image Dataset  

Once the images are selected and loaded (a minimum of 5 images is required), the Site options window appears.

  • Fill in the Site name
  • Indicate if you want that the Site to become accessible to all users of the Company
  • Optionally give a name to the Survey
  • Then click on Next button on bottom right side

2. Creation from a Vector File

  • Once the vector file is selected and loaded, the Site options window appears.
  • Fill in the Site name
  • Indicate if you want that the Site to become accessible to all users of the Company
  • Change the name of File Name if necessary
  • Then click on Create button on bottom right side

Continue here for GCP.

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