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Transfer maps to John Deere machines is designed to work with your preferred software. For users, aerial maps processed in can be seamlessly transferred to the Operations Center and sent directly to John Deere equipment terminals for field machine control.

1. Requirements

1.1. Compatible machines

John Deere machines integrating prescription maps such as sprayers.

1.2. What type of data can I transfer ?

  • Prescription maps such as weed zones, fertilizer placement or replanting decision (connection is currently optimized for weed zone prescription maps)
  • Format: Zip containing a single shapefile or uncompressed vector files (GeoJSON for example)
  • Geometries must be expressed in WGS84 coordinate

1.3. Accounts

To connect the two platforms you'll need to have accounts on both and The same email address must be used for both accounts.

  • See with your sales representative to create one account with a “Manager” or “User” access
  • Click here to create a MyJohnDeere account

2. Connection

Step 1 - Connect to with your credentials

Step 2 - From the home page, click on “Account” and “Edit my profile”

Step 3 - Click on “Accounts”

Step 4 - In MyJohnDeere section, click on “Connect”, you will be redirected to

Step 5 - Sign in to MyJohnDeere with your credentials

Step 6 - Click on "Allow" to connect to MyJohnDeere. You will be redirected to

3. File export from to MyJohnDeere

Step 1 - Sign-in to with your credentials

Step 2 - The file that will be exported to MyJohnDeere is located in the project section. Click on the project that contains the file to export (eg : weed zones). In Example below "Field 1 - Prescription Map" :

Step 3 - The prescription map is visible in the project page. In example below "Rx" layer.

Step 4 - Click on Download

Step 5 - Look for the file to export, click on the export button and then on “Export to MyJohnDeere”.

Step 6 - If the file export has succeeded, the following message appears. you can now log on your MyJohnDeere account.

4. file access in MyJohnDeere

Step 1 - Sign-in to with your credentials

Step 2 - Click on "Operations Center"

Step 3 - Click on Files.

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