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How to upload Aerial images as an Operator

1. Login to

Once you have accepted the invitation to create your user account, you can login by navigating to

Press Login at the top of the screen, and then log into your account on the next page.

Once logged in, the next step is to create your first project/location

2. Image Import

Once logged in, the next step is to upload the images to the project that you were given access to.
If you do not see the project listed, kindly contact the Account administrator to grant you that access or contact

1- On the top right, click on UPLOAD A SURVEY, and click on New then Upload a new image dataset

2- Press on browse files to locate the images saved on your computer and press Open, or drag the files into the upload area and then Next.

3. Import Images

1- Select Flight Date - The system will automatically read the exif data, geo-locate the files and flight date.

2- Flight Name is optional and can be used to identify the survey by something other than the flight date, such as a particular AOI (stockpile area, west pit, etc.)

If you have more flight images of the same survey, press on + Add more to add the remaining images.

3- If your images are not geotagged, click on Edit Locations to upload the flight Metadata in .CSV or .TXT format to be used for geolocating the images.

4. Add GCP File

If no GCPs were collected, ignore the following steps, click on "Launch Upload".
If GCPs are collected, follow the steps to upload the file before launching the upload.
To add a GCP file, click on Add ground control points (GCP) and drag & drop your file or click browse to locate it on your device.

The file should be in .CSV or .TXT format, no header row and only delimited with a comma. The file must be in the following format:

  1. name/reference of the GCP

  2. X coordinate

  3. Y coordinate

  4. Z value

  5. X accuracy (optional)

  6. Y accuracy (optional)

Once the GCP file has been uploaded, verify 

that the x/y/z columns appear in the correct order.

Click on Edit CRS to select the Coordinate Reference System of the GCPs.
*The GCP CRS will only give you the option of the reference selected at the project creation. If it is not the same, you need to reconvert the GCP file to the same Project CRS.

If the selected CRS and the GCP file coordinate system match, the GCPs should appear on the map as orange dots within the survey boundary.
If nothing appears, then it may be possible that the CRS is incorrect or the X and Y coordinates are reversed.
To retry, deselect Add ground control points (GCP), fix the file, and then select Add ground control points (GCP) and try again.

Click on Launch Upload on the bottom right of the screen, then click finish.

5. Images Upload

Each image uploaded will change its color. Do not close or refresh the page while the upload is occurring (You may navigate on while the upload is taking place, but do not close or refresh the page) Time of upload varies on your internet connection.

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