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How to upload 5 bands aerial images

Upload aerial images on an existing project

If you have not created a project yet, kindly refer to the article How to create an Agriculture & Forestry project before proceeding.

Calibration Panel

If the images are taken with a drone equipped with a multispectral camera (for example UX11 AG with Micasense RedEdge MX), you normally have in the flight folder several pictures of a reflectance panel. These pictures are taken before and after the flight by the drone operator on the ground and will be used during the photogrammetry process.

Calibrated Reflectance Panel

Before uploading the images on, it is mandatory to select one reflectance image from each band that will be used for the photogrammetry. Those images will be added to the flight images when the upload occurs on

Open the post-flight processed folder and locate the “Calibration” images folder. Under the Calibration folder, you must start with the Blue Band. Find the image with no shadows over the panel with the least “exposure time (check image settings)” keep that one, and delete the rest of the images of that blue band.

For the Green, Red, Red-Edge, Near Infrared band, keep the image that has the same reference “Image name” as the Blue Band and delete the rest. You should end up with 1 image of each band with the same reference in the calibration folder. 

Those images will be used for the processing of images on

Uploading images

Selecting the project

1- Click on the 3 dots to the right of the project and select Upload a new image dataset.
2- Browse your computer to find the images you wish to upload
3- Select the images needed and click Open

Important: if the camera is a 5 bands sensor, make sure that 1 set of images of the reflectance target is part of the upload at this step (Check the above post for Calibration Panel)

4- Type the Project Name
5- Flight Date - will automatically read the EXIF data, geo-locate the files and date (You may change it if needed)
6- Flight Name is optional and can be used to identify the survey by something other than the flight date, such as a particular area of interest, season, etc.

Additional images ?

If you have more flight images of the SAME survey, press on +Add More to add the remaining images.

If your images are not geotagged, click on Edit Locations to upload the flight Metadata in .CSV or .TXT format to be used for geolocating the images (Check the format of the file by pressing “i”). Click Next when finished

Select “Upload without processing” and then Launch Upload

Click Finish and you will be taken to the homepage where the project has been created and the images will be uploaded to. Plugin your computer; You may navigate on but do not refresh or close the tab/page until the upload has completed.

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