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Photogrammetry for Agriculture & Forestry gives the possibility to its users to process their images by launching the photogrammetry in different ways depending on the camera sensor (3Band, 4Band, 5Band, etc.), availability of the reflectance target, availability of ground control points. also gives the possibility to its users to select who will process the data by utilizing the option “Advanced” or “Self-Service”

  • Advanced (Recommended)
  • Automated and Verified processing resulting in the highest standard of quality and most accurate results available (based on the quality of entry data)
    Unless otherwise specified this is the setting that should most often be used.
    Delair will perform a quality check of the results
  • Self-Service
    • Selection of engine to be used resulting in quicker processing time
    • Users will be responsible for identifying and clicking their own GCPs if applicable. 
    • Delair will not perform a quality check of the results before the publication of the data.

Launch Photogrammetry in Advanced

RGB Surveys or 5 Bands WITHOUT calibration of the reflectance target

Select the project

1.Click on Analytics
2.Select Run for the photogrammetry
3.Click on Edit settings
4. Execution of photogrammetry: Click on Advanced and select Pix4D for the engine.
5. Select “Custom” settings
6. Define Keypoints image scale to “2”, DSM Method: select triangulation
7. Click on OK
Note: Do not modify the other settings
If you have placed GCPs, select Add Ground control Points and proceed to next page. If not, click Launch Mapping

You have placed GCPs?

If you have placed and surveyed GCPs before the flight, select “ Add ground control points” and drag and drop your GCP file.

The file should be in .CSV or .TXT format, no header row and only delimited with a comma. The file must be in the following format:

1. name/reference of the GCP
2. X coordinate
3. Y coordinate
4. Z value
5. X accuracy (optional)
6. Y accuracy (optional)

Once the GCP file has been uploaded, verify that the x/y/z columns appear in the correct order.
Click Edit to select the GCPs coordinate reference system. The GCP CRS will only give you the option of the project CRS defined. That CRS must be selected.

If the selected CRS and the GCP file coordinate system match, the GCPs should appear on the map as orange dots within the survey boundary.
If nothing appears, then it may be possible that the CRS is incorrect or the X and Y coordinates are reversed.
To retry, deselect Add ground control points (GCP), fix the file, and then select Add ground control points (GCP) and try again.
Once the GCPs appear on the map as figuring on the image on the left, click Launch Mapping and the Photogrammetry process will initiate.

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