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CAD Files Support currently supports single-layer .dxf CAD files as projects inputs. You can either :

  • add .dxf file to a site as an input
  • or create a new site starting from a .dxf file

This tutorial shows to load and view a dxf vector layer.

1. Adding a .dxf file to an existing site

Step 1 - Open an existing site in, then press UPLOAD FILES from the top bar :

Step 2 - Then select where to attach the file between available options ; existing surveys are listed in drop-down list :

Step 3 - Drag-and-drop or browse your dxf file :

Step 4 - Press NEXT button :

Step 5 - Edit your file Name if necessary then select a Category :

Step 6 - Edit the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) information if necessary :

Step 7 - Press UPLOAD button then CONFIRM.

After processing for a few seconds, the new layer will be made available from the layer panel in 2D View. In this example we selected None as the file category, we attached the layer to only one survey of this site ; the new layer is set under Input data group in SURVEY DATA section :

NB: If we had attached the dxf file to all surveys of this site, new layer would have appeared under Reference files group in SITE DATA section of layers panel (category is not an option when attaching file to all surveys).

2. Site creation from a .dxf file

You can create a new site loading a single layer dxf file. 

Step 1 - Start with UPLOAD A SURVEY button :

Step 2 - Drag-and-drop or browse your dxf file.

Step 3 - Then :

Step 4 - Press Create, then Finish buttons :

Your site is initiated :

Once dxf file upload processing is completed, the new dxf layer becomes visible from the Reference files group in your SITE DATA section :

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