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dxf files

1. Adding a .dxf file to a survey

You can easily import a 2D .dxf CAD file into, as an additional file to one or more of the Surveys belonging to your Site, to use dxf it as a vector layer. Currently only the single-layer dxf file format is supported.

1. First open an existing Site in, then press Upload Files from the top bar :

2. Than select where to attach the file between these options :

3. Import now the file to upload :

4. If necessary, edit the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) information :

5. Press Upload and confirm. After being processed for a few seconds, a notification of availability will appear and the new vector layer from the dxf will be made visible from the layer panel in the 2D View :

2. Exporting annotations to dxf format

Annotations can be easily exported to the dxf format. First open the annotation from the left panel in a 2D view, then select Download as  / DXF , in the right panel :

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