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Agriculture Basic Information platform enables an automated and integrated experience from uploading data to generating an actionable report analytic for crop management - such as .csv file with  traits at the microplot level with your customized id to link it to your business systems. Thanks to for Agriculture & Forestry, you can :

In short, building and managing Digital Twins of your crops and plantations.

1. Supported Sensors

The list of supported Multispectral Sensors usually employed for Agriculture purpose can be found here.

2. What information shall I provide to process Agriculture datasets ?

  • The image files including calibration panels if a 5-bands camera is used (if using a 3-bands camera, a calibration panel is not required)
  • The GCPs file (if provided) in .txt or .csv format, with the coordinates system (WGS84)
  • If for a Microplot Vectorization: the experimental plan with explanation of the microplots numbering
  • If for Gaps & Count or Row Vectorization : the row spacing, intra-row spacing, and canopy diameter
  • The project CRS (Coordinate Reference System)
  • The deliverable CRS

3. How do I start a new Agriculture & Forestry project ?

Read here for the detailed steps about creating an new project.

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