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Contour Lines

Contour Lines are defined as lines joining all points of same elevation in a map. calculates and displays these lines using a Digital Surface Model (DSM). These lines can notably be used to assess how a terrain is profiled :

1. Contour Lines Generation

Contour lines can be obtained once a photogrammetry process has been completed with an orthomap and a DSM available as layers, or after having imported these inputs processed from third-party software.

Step 1Open a Site and select a survey.

Step 2 - Press Analytics button from left panel and press Run from the Contour Lines section :

NB : In case you already have previous contours in the Survey it will be marked as available :  

Step 3 - Input your contour parameters. Choose a name, value and unit for the Elevation Interval, an output file vector format among these ones :

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • dxf
  • geojson

Step 4 - Select the DSM used as input. Then press Launch contour lines :

Step 5Pending is displayed during calculation process. You will be notified once complete and available for display.

2. Displaying Contour Lines

Go to the layer panel and tick your contour lines layer to have it displayed on 2D view. You can adjust some display settings such as the color, by clicking the layer to open its information panel on the right side :

3. Exporting Contour Lines

Go to the Download section if you need to export your Contour Lines for further use with a third-party software :

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