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Power Lines Conductors Vectorization

This analytic provides a 3D georeferenced vector file for power lines catenaries. More in detail, in the same file, we have 3 vectors; one for each phase of the line.

1. Required Input

This tool uses as input a classified point cloud; the analytic works on point clouds classified as "conductors" and provides as output a 3D georeferenced vector file.

2. Viewing Vectorized Conductors

Select the 3D view in your Site main window :

Then from Layers panel, select the Digitized conductors :

3. Deliverables

For each 5 km of power line a vectorized conductors file named with the prefix VCond, plus a code composed by adding to power lines unique code (provided by the user and with a reference length of 9 digits) two more digits for defining the portion of line considered.

For example a power line of 48 km will be delivered in 10 files that will be distinguished at code level by the last two digits while prefix plus the first 9 will be the same.

Each file contains three (one for each phase of the power line), 3D georeferenced vectors with a maximum length of 5km.

For double circuit lines we have two files each 5 km.

Each file is delivered in two formats (.dxf and .shp).

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