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12th May 2020

  • Hillshading feature was implemented to enhance Digital Surface Models visualizations, coming as an addition to Slopeshading.
  • We revamped annotations drawing tools for better ergonomy and added a measurement tool.
  • We added new backgound map and layers tools, whom map rotation, and upgraded zoom tool.
  • We implemented new mail notifications for analytics products status, to inform user of product availability at run completion, or in case of rejected of failed calculation. A subscription form in administation section of enables to manage these subscriptions settings. 

29th April 2020

  • Micasense Dual Camera System sensor was added to the portfolio of supported multispectral sensors for Agriculture & Forestry activities.
  • A new version of Analytics service was released, which enables developers to handle and deploy their own external analytics into the platform, using a Command Line Interface.

Access here to the detailed release changelog.

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