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4th February 2020

27th January 2020

  • We released a Change Map analytic in to compare two times-series DSMs.  This analytic delivers a raster file of height differences between DSMs, plus two vector geojson files containing polygons vectorized from the raster results in terms of Cut and Fill. User can also explore data directly in using Value at Point raster or annotations features to read the DSM difference.
  • Strengthening capacities in BIM we added Bentley ContextCapture to our choice of built-in photogrammetry engines.

Access here to the detailed release changelog.

23rd January 2020

  • Layer management has been fully revamped in order to offer a cleaner, more ergonomical interface to view, organize, group and manage multiple layers within a site. Three sections are now dividing the Layer panel with Site Data, Survey Data, and Base Layers. The Site Data section has notably a subsection to house Reference Data that are not depending on the successive surveys. Among new features of this layer management it is now possible to define a tree structure and regroup layers, annotations in a fully customized manner.
  • We also released a new interface to monitor all events related to credits.

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