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Companies, Sites, Surveys

1. project structure : Site notion

As deals with physical assets modelling, a project is actually referred to as a Site.

The general structure of project management in is like this :

On most occasions you may use or manage a single Company, which is the higher level entity in your account, and can merely be the organization you work in; but you may also manage many companies, which enables to cluster projects and data, along with the possibilities offered by the variety of User Roles.

So, when you are about to start a new project, what to remind is that you actually generate a new Site within a certain Company.

And when you'll come back to an existing Site, to add new images or data, you will most often add a new Survey within the existing Site.

2. Switching between companies, sites and surveys

From the starting page, at top bar :

Or from an open site, at top bar :

Available companies, sites and surveys appear in drop-down menus for selection.

Continue here on How to create a Site.

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