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Haul Roads Analytics

This analytic enables automated analysis of haul roads condition at a quarry or mine site in order to take decisions for roads maintenance to improve machine efficiency, productivity and safety.

The analytic extracts the geometry of haul roads using the geospatial data contained in surveys.

Then road boundaries, crests, and other properties of interest can be displayed and examinated in interface. Change in length, slope, elevation can be measured as well.

1. Deliverables

The following Haul Road items are output :

  • Centerlines
  • Widths
  • Crossfalls
  • Grades

1.1. Envelopes

They are represented by Haul Roads.geojson vector file. Available in Download section.

They are displayed as bounded uniform surfaces :

1.2. Grades

They are represented by haulroads-grades.geojson vector file. Available in Download section.

They are displayed as lines with a color scale for grade percentage interval :

1.3. Crossfalls

They are represented by haulroads-crossfalls.geojson vector file. Available in Download section.

They are visible as single bars across the haul roads ; clicking one of these bars enables to read the width, grade, and change in elevation at this crossfall in information panel at INFO section :

2. How to run Haul Roads analytic

Go to Analytics section from the left panel within an opened Site :

Select and run the analytic :

3. Viewing results

Open the Layer Panel on left side of your Site and go to the Haul roads subsection of SURVEY DATA section and select the layers to display on map ; in example below we display the grades :

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