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Safety & Highwalls Analytics

This analytic enables to automatically calculate and visualize quarry or mine site features, that are directly impacting the safety of opertations : highwalls, safety blocks and berms condition.

1. Deliverables

The following Safety & High Walls items are output :

  • Highwall heights, crests, toes
  • Safety block heights
  • Safety berm heights, crests, toes

2. How to run Safety & Highwalls Analytic

Go to Analytics section from the left panel within an opened Site :

Select and run the Safety analytic :

3. Viewing results

Open the Layer Panel on left side of your Site, go to the Safety & highwalls subsection of SURVEY DATA section and select the layers to display on map ; in example below we display Berm crests on map :Clicking one of the output from the layer panel opens an INFO panel; depending on output some metrics are made available, in example below each safety block height can be checked :

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