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Material Management

Inventory & Production Monitoring at a quarry or mine site is eased thanks to features for bulk materials management, materials that can be assigned to the stockpiles whose volumes are calculated in The Material Management module enables to :

  • Import materials with their bulk density, or input single materials
  • Assign materials to stockpiles
  • Display total inventory within a site

To manage materials, first open a Site and select the appropriate Survey. From the Layer panel go to the Stockpiles section and enter it :

1. Is a material already assigned to one stockpile ?

Activate the stockpiles layer make it visible and click one pile in your map. This will open the information panel on right side displaying the properties of this pile and whether a material is already assigned or not :

2. Grouping by Material

Once entered in material module, activate Group by material type to display the breakdown of materials & piles as a tree structure.

3. Assign or Change Material

Within the material module, clicking one stockpile on map will result in an information panel on right side, and from this you can proceed to all materials edition.

Open the drop-down list to select or update the material of each individual pile :

4. Material Types

Import and edit material properties such as designation and density (t/m3 or T/yd3) from this button :

5. Reading total site inventory

First close the material module :

Click on the stockpiles layer to open its information panel. Adjust the visualization using the slider bar below barchart :

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