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Data Capture Module

Data Capture is a module that enables to work and manage flight planning operations in, so as to ensure acquisitions are done in due time and to efficiently validate aerial surveys quality control. This tutorial details how to setup and follow the activities.

1. Module Access

For accounts with Data Capture enabled, select appropriate Company, then start the module from left bar icon :

The module is made of two sections :

  1. Asset Manager : to setup the fleet-related information : team members (UAV pilots), available sensors and carriers.
  2. Task Manager : this is the planning environment, to edit and monitor all flight activities.

2. Asset Manager

Assets entities are :

  1. Teams, that are made of Pilots.
  2. Sensors, the hardware such as multispectral cameras for example in Agriculture.
  3. Carriers, the flying platform hardware:  UAV, drone units.

This section enables to create teams, add  and manage team members, and adjust fleet data (sensors and carriers).

2.1. Pilot Management

Insert a new pilot using the drop-down menus :

NB : The platform will also display pilot user ID :

2.2. Team Management

Define teams and assign them pilots :

3. Task Manager

3.1. Display

Two displays are available : switch between them from the right top section of data capture module.

  1. Tracking view is a Kanban-style visualization of tasks in the cycle, with tasks presented as cards.
  2. Calendar view offers a more traditional schedule visualization ; available with Month or Week horizon option.


3.2. Creating a new task

A new task is created by providing the site information to which it is related plus planning information.

Step 1 - Select new task and start with providing the minimal mandatory inputs : Company , Task name.  Optionally at this step, indicate Site :

Step 2 - Input the scheduling information and assignement :

3.3. Task Details

To access an existing task information, fill a flight log, or upload data, open Details from the drop-down menu on any task card from the Tracking View :

From this page, the Mission area (GeoJSON vector file format), i.e. the polygon of interest for the flight acquisition, can notably be clicked and browsed :

3.4. Task Status

The status for a certain task in the data manager is related to the amount of input provided. In the minimal form, creating a new task only with Company and Task name provided, will result in Pending status.

3.4.1. Task Status Definition


Task created but some important information are missingTo fill the required information
All mandatory information are filled in, task is ready to be assignedTo assign to a pilot or a team
Task is assigned to an operation team, waiting for their confirmationTo schedule the collection operation
Operation team confirmed and scheduled the taskTo perform the collection operation and upload it on
Data submitted
Data uploaded and report filled inData uploaded and waiting for photogrammetry results
Everything is clear, nothing more to doThe quality check based on the photogrammetry results it’s ok

3.4.2. Task Lifecycle and Required Inputs

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