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After ordering Haul Roads Analytics or Safety & Highwalls Analytics. The Site settings gives the user the full capabilities to manage those Analytics. It allows to adjust the visualization of those delivrables  according to the evolution of the the site or any regulation change in my region.

Open the Site Info Panel to access to the site settings:

This will open a pop up window that allows to enter specific settings  such as :

  • Largest truck:

The settings defined here are explained into your selected site units preference.Enter the dimensions of the truck on the site and the highest truck wheel. Characteristics can be consulted at the bottom of this pop up windows, according to the truck type. 

  • Highwalls:

Enter the maximum highwalls height of the site. 

  • Safety:

Enter the Safety berms and blocks height multiplier.

  • Haulroads:

Haul roads slope grading: Set here your slope grading. From the flattest (green) to the steepest (red).

The slope grading range can be defined in several standard unit degrees (default), percent... based on site unit definition

Haul roads slope width: Haul roads width grading is based on the largest truck operating on the site and identify

  • Material types: 

Material management is now accessible here from the site setting. Please click here if you more information about Material Management.

Example on Haul road widths:

After modification:

As the truck is smaller, the haul road widths layer is greener. It means that this smaller truck can move easier on this site.

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