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Fraction of Vegetation Cover

Fraction of green vegetation cover, or FCOVER, is a measure of the fraction of ground covered by green vegetation. It quantifies the ratio between biomass and soil, i.e. the spatial extent of the vegetation. Values are between these two extrema :

0 = only soil

1 = we only see biomass

1. Inputs

  • Basic scouting maps
  • Boundaries of the field or microplots
  • For production field only :  Grid size

2. Output File Formats

  • .tif
  • .geojson
  • .shp
  • .csv

3. Deliverables

  • FCOVER per microplot (Fcover %)
  • Biomass mask (Fcover mask)

4. Display

Open Inventory then Fraction of vegetation cover subgroups of layers belonging to SURVEY DATA section on left panel. FCOVER per microplot is displayed under Fcover % layer, click it to open its information panel on right side to read value chart :

Biomass mask is under the same layer subgroup ; Value at point can notably be used to read value in any point of the map.

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