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This analytic automatically extracts statistics metrics of scouting maps and traits at the microplot or plot level.

1. Inputs

The basic scouting maps have to been computed first, plus the microplots boundaries defined. Quantitative scouting maps, as CIR and RGB are out of scope.

2. Output File Formats

  • .geojson
  • .shp
  • .mbtiles
  • .csv

3.3. Deliverables

Statistics per microplots or plots are delivered for each selected scouting maps with the following attributes :

  • min
  • max
  • average
  • standard deviation 
  • variance

4. Workflow

Step 1 : From the survey page, click on “Analytics”, select your category (field experiment or production field), scroll down to “Statistics” on the left panel, and click on “Launch”

Step 2 :

  • Add a deliverable suffix (optional) 
  • Select the indices for which you want statistics 
  • Choose a filter factor in % (ex  : if 5 % is selected, 5% of the upper values and 5% of the lower values will be discarded in the statistics )

Step 3 : 

  • Select the field or microplot vector file
  • Launch Statistics

4. How to use them

If the analytic result vector is displayed  it is recommended to display also the scouting map for interpretation. 

By clicking on the analytic, the right panel appears.

Clicking on one microplot and on "show custom properties" will display numerous statistics as shown on the following pictures :

Statistics can be downloaded in multiple format from the download section.

Color sclae can also be displayed  :

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