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10. Can drones be serviced in unprepared areas ?

Yes. Delair drones maintenance is made easy to the end-user by design, for servicing to be done with minimal footprint.

No special tooling such as calibration benches or dismounting/checking tooling is required, which lightens logistics limiting them nearly to the UAS itself, plus some spares and light repair kits.

For structural repairs (to the composite or foam airframe parts), in case of shocks, the in-field repair methods do not require special processing such as vacuum, pressure, or temperature application.

Swapping electronic and electromechanical parts is facilitated through well-thought accessibility.

The maintenance programme, whatever it is for corrective or preventive reasons, can therefore be managed from a basic shelter, such as a tent, in areas where hardened infrastructures are not available or cannot be dedicated to such tasks.

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