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FAQ 012 - What are the available exported files after processing a dataset in Delair After Flight

 After exporting a dataset with Delair After Flight, the following tree structure is created: 



  •  YYYY, MM, DD correspond to the flight (take-off) date (if exporting several flights simultaneously, the first one is used) 

  •  MissionName is as manually entered by the user in the export window 

Some files are created in this folder:

  •  report.pdf
     PDF file containing:

    •  Information on the export (date, name of machine, version of Delair After Flight, used Digital Elevation Model, number of images before and after filtering, image file format, etc.) 

    •  For each exported flight, a summary regarding the dataset, applied filters and other settings, maximum horizontal and vertical accuracies at 68 % and 99 % confidence intervals (applying to both GNSS accuracy and camera position accuracy). 

    •  The coverage map and its legend, and PPK solutions (if available) 

  •  MissionName.prj
     Inpho project file for Trimble UASMaster

  •  geometry_filters (optional)
     Sub-folder containing, if any, thel polygon(s) used for area filtering, in KML format.

For each exported flight, a sub-folder YYYMMDD_NN is created (where NN indexes the flight).

For each camera equipping the aircraft, a sub-folder CameraModelName is then created. E.g. for the UX11, a sub-folder “UX11-3B” is created.

The latter camera sub-folders each contain:

  • All images taken by this camera (NN_SequenceNumber.tif or .jpg), with Exif/XMP metadata

  • NN_metadata_id-X-Y-Zegm96-O-P-K.csv
    Input file in TAB-separated values format for Pix4D and Correlator3D v6. Also used with Trimble UASMaster along with the Inpho project file.
    The file name reflects the file's structure:

    • Image identifier

    • X and Y: UTM coordinates in X and Y (camera positions, see below)

    • Y: UTM coordinate in Y,

    • Z-EGM96: altitude of the drone,

    • O: omega,

    • P: phi,

    • K: kappa.

  • NN_metadata_id-X-Y-Zegm96-O-P-K.prj

Projected Coordinate System in UTM (WKT) associated with the NN_metadata_id-X-Y-Zegm96-O-P-K.csv file.

  • NN_metadata_CameraModelName.csv
    Original metadatas in TAB-separated format

    • Image identifier (sqquence number)

    • Timestamp (RTC)

    • Longitude, latitude and altitude in WGS84 (camera positions, see below)

    • Roll, pitch, yaw

    • Date and time in UTC

    • Shutter and gain

    • Horizontal and vertical accuracy in meters

  • NN_CameraModelName.jxl
    Trimble JobXML file for Trimble Business Center. This file is not suitable for PPK processing.

  • NN_CameraModelName_TBC5_PPK.jxl 

(Soon-coming Delair After Flight 6.0.7 or newer)
High-accuracy JobXML file for Trimble Business Center. This file is suitable for PPK processing, but requires Trimble Business Center version 5.0 or newer.

Note on positions and accuracies:

Positions and accuracies in the Exif/XMP metadata and the above-mentioned .csv files correspond to the camera:


  • Camera positions take into account the lever arms between the GNSS and the camera in the aircraft body.

  • Camera position accuracies integrate the different subsystem accuracy estimations and are therefore greater than the raw GNSS accuracy values.


Positions in the Trimble JXL files correspond to the GNSS, and lever arm offsets are provided (so that Trimble Business Center performs the appropriate corrections).

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