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Delair Flight Deck 6.0.13 - Release Notes

1 Scope 

These Release Notes contain information about the Delair Flight Deck software, version 6.0.13.  

This release contains a number of corrections and improvements bringing UX11 users a better customer experience as well as improved product reliability. 

2  Changes to hardware 

•     Not applicable.  

3 New features 

Android 9 Pie is now fully supported 

•     During flight planning: 

        o Takeoff and landing slopes are now displayed on elevation graph so you get the best overview of your flight elevation 

        o Elevation graph now highlights flight plan going above the geofence so you can spot potential problems at a glance 

        o Default side overlap is now set to 60% to maximize coverage and quality 

• During pre-flight checklist: 

        o Setting landing or takeoff on your aircraft position now also adjusts the direction to your aircraft heading for an easier and faster set-up in the field 

        o You're now asked to update your flight plan if trying to take off too far from the planned location to ensure your aircraft flies the flight as planned 

• During flight: 

        o Completed flight lines become transparent and the percentage of flight lines completed is now displayed in top bar to clearly report real-time progress 

        o In case of poor communication quality with your aircraft, tips are displayed to help you improve the connection 

• During post-flight: 

        o Delair Link logs are now retrieved by the tablet for simplified support and log sharing 

4 Resolved issues and improvements 

•     The altitude of the first waypoint after takeoff is now set relative to the takeoff location rather than the terrain to prevent a potential immediate descent when taking off downhill 

•     Multiple technical background tasks were completed to prepare for exciting features to come in the future 

5 Other changes 

•     Not applicable.

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