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FAQ 008 - How do I retrieve the flight log files when requested by Delair Support?

Flight log files can be requested by Delair Customer Support team to perform analysis on your flight. 

Currently, 4 different logs can be retrieved and requested by the support team : 

  1. Flight log, located inside the UAV
  2. Delair Flight Deck log, located inside the tabled
  3. Delair Link log, located inside the Delair link
  4. Delair After Flight, located within your windows computer

To retrieve the associated log, please proceed as follow : 

  1.  Flight log : Connect to the UAV hard drive and look for the associated log file of your mission.

  2. Delair Flight Deck log file. To do so please retrieve the files within : storage/Android/data/com.delair.delairflightdeck/files/LOGFILES/year/month/day/mission name...

  3. Delair Flight Deck Pro log files. To do so, please retrieve .log files within :
    C:\Users\"nom d'utilisateur"\DLT\LOGFILES\year\month\...

  4. Delair Link log file. To do so, connect to the Delair Link : launch a browser to and download all the files.

  5. Delair After Flight log file. Retrieve the log in  C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Delair\Delair After Flight 

In future release of Delair Flight Deck, logs will be regrouped in a single location and easily sendable. 

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