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Delair Flight Deck 6.0.7 - Release Notes




1 Scope

These Release Notes contain information about the Delair Flight Deck software, version 6.0.7.  

This release contains a number of corrections and improvements bringing UX11 users a better customer experience as well as improved product reliability. 

2 Changes to hardware support

    •     Not applicable

3 New features

  • The Delair Link module sends new alarms to Delair Flight Deck (temperature too high, battery too low). 
  • Users can easily upload, either automatically or manually, Delair Flight Deck flight logs and/or flight statistics to MyDelair. Flight logs are used to continuously improve Delair products, and to provide the best possible experience to the user (log upload can be disabled by the user). 
  • Users can now consult the flight report and quality indicators for flights conducted in the past. 
  • Users can now to set the landing based on the position of the UAV or tablet. 

4 Resolved issues

  • Improvements to the UAV battery level estimation. 
  • Modified UAV battery “Alarm 1” threshold (threshold increased). 
  • Improvements to the picture colors. 
  • Improvements to the Wi-Fi communication between the tablet and the Delair Link module. 
  • Improvements to the firmware update process.  
  • Improvements to the user interface on flight preparation screens. 
  • Improvements to the final checks in the pre-flight checklist. 
  • Improvements to the elevon trimming procedure, and enhanced instructions. 
  • Default values for turn margin and overlap have been changed. 
  • Fixed an issue where the pilot trigram input could only accept one letter with certain Samsung keyboards. 
  • Improvement to altitude (Z value) geofence function. 
  • Improvements to pre-takeoff automated checks.

5 Other changes

Update of recommended Android tablet model (see below).

6 Documentation updates

Please refer to the UX11 User Manual , version 1.5.

7 Installation information


    •     Operating system: Android™ 5.0 ("Lollipop") to Android 7.1 ("Nougat") 

    •     8 inches or higher screen, designed for outdoor use (under direct sunlight), with appropriate brightness and anti-glare protection 

    •     Storage: 8 GB or higher,  

    •     Internal memory: 1.5 GB or higher (2 GB is recommended) 

    •     GPS sensor: Recommended as some convenience features are disabled if GPS is unavailable 

    •     Networking/communications: 

            –     3G-capable 

            –     Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/n or ac, supporting both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands 

        NOTE: Support for the 5 GHz Wi-Fi band is mandatory for use with the Delair Link module.  

    •     The Delair Flight Deck software has been fully tested and optimized on the following Android tablet models, which Delair recommends for monitoring your aircraft during                 flight: 

            –     Samsung S2 (SM-T819)

            –     Panasonic Toughpad FZ-A2 (Android 6.0 - WWAN 4G - GPS - WLAN - 32GB SSD)

Search for Delair Flight Deck on Google Play or scan the QR code to download the application on your tablet.

        NOTE: For experienced users without access to the Google Play store, the Android package (APK) is also available for sideloading on

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