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Delair After Flight 6.0.5 - Release Notes






1 Scope 

These Release Notes contain information about the Delair After Flight software, version 6.0.5.  

2 Objectives 

Delair After Flight 6.0.5 is a corrective maintenance version, also including a few enhancements. 

3 New features  

New supported dataset export format: 

• Trimble job file format (JXL) is now supported, for easy import of UX11 data into Trimble Business Center (TBC) Aerial Photogrammetry Module (APM).  

NOTE: TBC v4.10 and earlier versions do not take into account custom-set horizontal or vertical accuracy estimates of photo positions in the photogrammetry reconstruction algorithm, such as those provided by the UX11. This means UX11 PPK datasets will be processed with the same parameters as non-PPK datasets. It is recommended the user always use GCPs when processing photogrammetry data from any drone in TBC. 

Improved position accuracy information in the PDF export report: 

• GNSS accuracy is reported in addition to the camera position accuracy (which is greater, as it integrates the different subsystem accuracy estimations, see Release Notes for version 6.0.4) 

• Maximum horizontal and vertical accuracies are reported at 68 % and 99 % confidence intervals, which applies to both GNSS accuracy and camera position accuracy. 

Other improvements: 

• The user can now easily upload flight logs to MyDelair, either automatically or manually. 

• The estimated remaining time is displayed when a dataset export is in progress. 

• The location of the base station entered by the user for PPK processing is now displayed on the map. 

4 Resolved issues 

• Enhanced compliance to the Exif 2.31 standard in exported pictures — fixed a few Exif metadata fields that had non-standard types, for seamless import in third-party image processing software. 

• User-modified metadata column visibility settings in the “Selection” panel are now saved when modified and restored upon application start-up. 

• Fixed an issue where pictures could not be opened or exported if the file path contained nonASCII characters. 

5 Other changes 

Not applicable. 

6 Documentation updates 

Please refer to the UX11 User Guide , section 9.2. 7 Installation information 

7 Installation information


• Windows 10, 64-bit desktop computer 

• The computer must be connected to the Internet during the installation process. 


1. Go to  

2. Download the Delair After Flight installer delairafterflight-windows-x86_64version .exe (where version stands for the latest available version). 

3. Launch the installer and follow the instructions. 

4. During the installation, you will also be prompted to download Digital Elevation Model (DEM) files locally. Select a subset of the DEM according to your needs.

CAUTION: To ensure that Delair After Flight works properly when computing photo projections and performing quality checks, the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) must be available for the geographical areas of interest. It is therefore strongly recommended to install the DEM. In the applications “File > Options” menu, you may alternately point to the online Delair SRTM90 web service, but in that case an Internet connection is required during the whole work session. Moreover, Delair does not guarantee the service to always remain available. 

7.1 Obtaining PPK licenses

For high accuracy photogrammetry (PPK, Post-Processed Kinematics), a commercial license is required. 

1. Contact your Delair distributor or sales representative. 

2. Select the appropriate license package among those proposed. 

3. You can view and check the status of your PPK licenses on MyDelair (, the Delair community platform.

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