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Delair Flight Deck 6.0.11 - Release Notes

# New features

  • Import a custom surface as Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • "pop-up" release note added to Delair Flight Deck application
  • New warning in pre-flight checklist if UX11 available storage is not sufficient to complete the flight

# Resolved issues

  • Fix some cases of ground sensor not reacting
  • Improved UI to promote setting landing position using the UAV (or tablet) position resulting in significantly increased landing accuracy
  • Improved flight control laws resulting in increased landing accuracy
  • New UI to adjust take-off during checklist
  • Optimized and automated lateral margins (removed from UI in Area settings)
  • Improved trigger to avoid pictures on connections  
  • Improved white balance  

# Details on new features

# Custom DEM

  • Users can now import a custom elevation map using Delair Flight Deck

Please note the following :  

  •  The file format of the custom elevation map shall be geotiff.
  •  The complete flight shall be included in the custom DEM boundary.

For more information check the latest version of the UX11 user manual available from (

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