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Delair After Flight 6.0.6 - Release Notes


RELEASE NOTES – September 10th, 2018



1 Scope 

These Release Notes contain information about the Delair After Flight software, version 6.0.6.  

2 Objectives 

Delair After Flight 6.0.6 is a corrective maintenance version, also including a few enhancements. 

3 New features  

• Application internationalization. 

The application is now localized and supports the following languages in addition to English:  

o Chinese (Mandarin),  

o Spanish,  

o French.

The selected language can be changed in the “Help > Languages” menu. 

• Improvements to the image colorimetry processing. 

This update can enhance the rendering of color in both newly and previously collected UX11 datasets. 

• Improvement to the PDF export report:  

UAV serial number and take-off date are now also printed.

4 Resolved issues 

• Fixes to the SRTM Installer:  

o The SRTM Installer is now digitally signed. 

o The SRTM Installer keeps track of installed subsets of the DEM.

• Fixed minor errors in JXL schema validation.

5 Other changes 

Not applicable. 

6 Documentation updates 

Please refer to the UX11 User Guide , section 9.2. 

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